Collection of 12 Soaps

  • So, you're  a big Soap-Fan and can't decide on just one Wonderbar? No worries, we have a great deal for you: try our collection which includes 12 pieces of Soap which will last you over 12 months!



    1x Matcha & Shea Butter Soap

    1x Rose & Almond Oil Soap

    1x Mint & Green Clay Soap

    1x Coconut & Sea Salt Soap

    1x Lemon Soap

    1x Olive & Sea Salt Soap

    1x Healing Clay & Lemongrass Soap

    1x Charcoal Lavender & Shea Butter Soap

    1x Sea Salt Soap

    1x Cinnamon & Chocolate Soap

    1x Orange Peeling Soap

    1x Peach & Oat Peeling Soap